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Welcome to Agni Animal Welfare Fund

Welcome to the website of the Agni Animal Welfare Fund, we will from time to time update this page with the latest news of what is happening with the animals you have helped and how we have used your donations. We will also add any emergency appeals and animals that need urgent help. If you would like to know more about who we are and what we are trying to achieve, please read the 'about us' and 'how you can help' pages. There are some stories to read about the Cats, Dogs and Puppies that we have helped in the past and some information on the Donkey's. Enjoy our website and we hope that you can find a way in which to support us.

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April 2016
Corfu enjoyed a rather mild January and February this winter which helped us to return in February to do as much neutering as we could before the Spring breeding began. We managed to neuter many cats especially in the San Stephanos area. We have to thank Greek Cat Welfare UK for their generous support in helping us to finance neutering and feeding in this area. We now have some feeding stations in the area where the cats have been fed during the winter months. Hopefully the visitors will see a big difference with less sick kittens around and some healthy cats. We hope this will add to the enjoyment of your stay and that you will continue to support the work in San Stephanos so that we can continue with more neutering and winter feeding later in the year.

Feeding in San Stephanos during the winter months - most of these cats were also neutered.

Work continued in Kassiopi during the winter months where many of the sick cats and kittens that we featured in last years news updates were treated for various problems, amongst them was little Biscuit, who travelled to the University in Thessoloniki for two big operations to close her cleft pallet. This little girl was suffering terribly with the large hole in the roof of her mouth where food would get trapped causing infection, sneezing and much discomfort. Unfortunatley the first operation was not quite successful and she had to return to Thessaloniki for a second operation which although was not 100 percent successful it has much improved her condition helping her to eat better with much less sneezing. It is with your donations that these cats could be treated and that Biscuit was able to have her operations. The alternative does not bear thinking about. Please continue to help us treat these sick cats and make these resorts more pleasant places to visit. Here are some of the cats that were treated this winter and have made good recoveries.

Angel had an infecttion on her neck possibly from a bite or sting This little man had his tooth removed Barbara had to have an eye removed
and this is Biscuit with the hole in her pallette, recovering in hospital after her operation and the picture on the right at home. She is such a pretty little girl and has gone through so much. In addition to her Cleft Pallette she has also lost the sight in her right eye.
She is a very brave little girl and we have to thank Vicky for her dedication in helping this cat and many others.

The work continues in St. Georges South and around 5 cats have been neutered during the past couple of months. We have collecting boxes in several bars and restaurants with information as to how you can help and where to leave donations, medicines, and food. We have plans for further neutering and possibly a large neutering project for next winter.

The beautiful Snowflake pictured below is a St Georges cat, she had to have her ears cut back to stop cancer. Always a problem with white cats. She was neutered at the same time and has now returned to her home. We found her owner who takes good care of her and loves her very much. Big Ginge has recently been neutered too. He is a lovely friendly boy to us humans but doesnt feel quite so loving towards his fellow felines, so we have neutered him, hoping that he will calm down and be more friendly towards other cats !!!

Snowflake after her operation Big Ginge, ready for his op - not looking too pleased about it !!!

We hope to continue neutering later in the year as long as we have the support of the Corfu visitors. We need to build up some funds for neutering in the later months. In the meantime enjoy your holidays in Corfu and I hope you find some good healthy cats to spend time with this year. Please continue to support and help us in whatever ways you can.

We have many friends on our Facebook page now and we update regularly so please keep in touch with us and we welcome your photos and posts, messages and comments. Many friends follow us on there daily, so if you want to see what is happening in Corfu with the animals and keep in touch with us, please visit our page.

If you have not found our Facebook page yet it is:-

Help is always Needed
So if anyone on the island can help us in any way it would be appreciated, the more help we have, the more we can do. We need people to help the cats get medical treatment and to help them recover from treatments and we especially need help with kittens. If anyone could care for a cat or kitten on a temporary basis whilst it awaits transport to the UK, do contact us as we often have cats and kittens waiting for transport.

Anyone living in Corfu, if you can take on a cat or kitten as an outdoor cat and ensure that they get food and have shelter and some protection from the bad weather in the wintertime we will sterilise any cat that is taken on and pay for any medication. Please email info@agni-animal-welfare-fund.co.uk if you can help.

The AAWF is an affiliate memer of WSPA The World Society for the Protection of Animals.