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Welcome to Agni Animal Welfare Fund

Welcome to the website of the Agni Animal Welfare Fund, we will from time to time update this page with the latest news of what is happening with the animals you have helped and how we have used your donations. We will also add any emergency appeals and animals that need urgent help. If you would like to know more about who we are and what we are trying to achieve, please read the 'about us' and 'how you can help' pages. There are some stories to read about the Cats, Dogs and Puppies that we have helped in the past and some information on the Donkey's. Enjoy our website and we hope that you can find a way in which to support us.

December 2016

May we take this opportunity to wish all our friends and supporters a Happy New Year and to thank you for the support you have all given us during 2016. Thank you all for the very kind donations to sterilise the cats and to feed them during the winter. Thanks to everyone who have bought our calendars, they were the first ones we have made and were a huge success. Many thanks to you all and we hope that you will continue to support us throughout 2017.


November 2016
We were late returning to Corfu this year but the work has continued throughout the summer months and a great deal has been achieved by many volunteers. It has been a difficult year with many abandoned cats and dogs all over the island but we have to thank the many volunteers for the help they give these animals. It is not always possible for us to reach every one that is reported to us but many volunteers do their best to reach out to as many as they can and provide as much help as possible. Thank you to all the wonderful people that go out to help the stray dogs and cats on the island.

Winter came early to Corfu this year too so its always difficult trying to help in the bad weather and not good for the animals living outside either. The cats get very hungry and we have to provide extra food when its cold as it does not last so long. So lets hope the cold weather does not last too long this year in Corfu. If anyone can help us with supplying the food, donations would be very welcome via our donate button at the top of the page.

Many kittens have been found in Kassiopi this year and helped to safety, new homes found and some have travelled to the UK thanks to the caring people that are living and working there. Opi and Kassi were found in very poor condition as the picture shows but after a few weeks of care and medication they have developed into two beautiful healthy cats and now have a home.

Oppi and Kassi when found

A few weeks later

Two little kittens found if very poor condition. They were treated for fleas worms and some mediction for the eyes and the two lucky guys have since found a permanent home. Many thanks to Roseanne for the excellent care she gave these two little ones.


Molly sadly lost her Mum on the road and was left all alone when the Hotel she was in closed for the winter. She was taken by tourits to Kassiopi and left in one of the feeding areas whilst they contacted us to ask us to help her. They were returning home and had no time to do anything but put her where she would be found. Money was raised for her to go and join the people who found her and she has since arrived safely in the UK in her new home.

Kalami has had an excellent year with no kittens born in the village and non were dumped this year!!!!
The regular cats are still there and enjoyed the summer season of being spoilt by all the visitors and fed on lovely exotic foods of salmon, tuna, fresh fish and meat that all you lovely people spoilt them with. Its back to biscuits and cat meat for a while but they are getting food and happy but just a little lonely waiting for you all to come back to them.

We published a calendar this year of the Kalami cats and many people have bought them to support us and help us feed the little guys this winter. Thank you all so much I hope you all enjoy your calendar during next year.

We did however, have two puppies dumped amongst the cat colony in Kalami this after the resort had closed. The cats were not impressed at all !!! and were very glad to see them removed from their home. Many thanks to Louise who took care of them until we could get them to a fosterer and for helping to find one and a home for them. This awful business of dumping puppies all around the island continues in Corfu. These two were lucky they both have a home and will be on their way to the UK in a couple of weeks time. We and the other charities do try to promote neutering as much as possible, it is the only answer to stop this awful practice but more needs to be done by the private owners to prevent these unwated litters.


Duke and Daisy who were dumped in Kalami, now have a home in the UK

St. Georges South has also had a really good season with many locals, businesses and visitors making a real big effort to promote their resort and make it a better place to visit. They have raised funds for the animals and have made an excellent start on neutering the strays. They have helped to make the resort more friendly towards the disabled acquiring wheelchairs and equipment, reporting on weather, delayed flights and in general news of interest to the visitors. Their new facebook group has worked really well and has some excellent people contributing to make their resort a nice place to visit. These people are now trying to help set up neutering and feeding for the cats in Benitses where there have been requests for help with the cat population. Work is in process helping them to achieve this both by local people and the visitors. AAWF will do whatever we can to support these people and help them get some neutering started.

Neutering Session in St. Georges South with funds raised during the summer




Feeding in Benitses where funds are being raised to get these cats neutered.
Please help if you can as there are many cats here.


We have many friends on our Facebook page now and we update regularly so please keep in touch with us and we welcome your photos and posts, messages and comments. Many friends follow us on there daily, so if you want to see what is happening in Corfu with the animals and keep in touch with us, please visit our page.

If you have not found our Facebook page yet it is:-

Help is always Needed
So if anyone on the island can help us in any way it would be appreciated, the more help we have, the more we can do. We need people to help the cats get medical treatment and to help them recover from treatments and we especially need help with kittens. If anyone could care for a cat or kitten on a temporary basis whilst it awaits transport to the UK, do contact us as we often have cats and kittens waiting for transport.

Anyone living in Corfu, if you can take on a cat or kitten as an outdoor cat and ensure that they get food and have shelter and some protection from the bad weather in the wintertime we will sterilise any cat that is taken on and pay for any medication. Please email info@agni-animal-welfare-fund.co.uk if you can help.

The AAWF is an affiliate memer of WSPA The World Society for the Protection of Animals.