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Corfu Donkey Rescue

The Donkey Sanctuary on Corfu was started by an Englishwoman called Judy after finding a donkey wandering in the bushes, apparently un-owned.  Judy soon found more abandoned donkeys and realised the need for a shelter for these badly neglected animals.
She with friends and volunteers now work hard in what are at times incredibly difficult and distressing circumstances to help these wonderful animals who sadly often suffer the most appalling neglect.  Lack of money and resources compound the problems but despite this Judy works relentlessly to gain support, charity status and recognition by the Greek Government.

Judy has gone a long way since she found that first donkey and seven years later she has finally overcome many obstacles, such as officialdom, problem neighbours, financial problems and has finally gained recognition and support from the government and the  status of a Greek registered charity. In addition to this CDR has managed to acquire its 'own' piece of land and the shelter has now moved to its new location at Doukades. A new stable has been donated and built for the sick donkeys and treatment area and a very large tent erected outside for shelter for the donkeys. The area is much more spacious and a beautiful environment for the donkeys, and all the animals that now live there.

A bight future now lies ahead for the remaining Corfiot donkeys, but it is an expensive business and still needs much help and support. Several German and Dutch charities send volunteers to work at the shelter and continue to give CDR a great deal of support but there is still much work to be done at  the new location. CDR still needs support, donations and volunteers to continue their work. In order to buy food and medication for the donkeys CDR offers the opportunity to 'adopt' one of the rescued donkeys. Visit their website for details of how to 'adopt a donkey' or for more information of how you can help.

Corfu Donkeys Grazing

Donkeys at the new sanctuary on Corfu