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Corfu Donkey Rescue is the only charity on the island rescuing sick and abandoned donkeys. The AAWF helps and supports CDR wherever possible and neuters all the cats that share the stables with the donkeys. Corfu Donkey Rescue is in need of much support. Please visit their website and see if you can help.
Corfu Animal Rescue Establishment are a registered Greek charity, focused on helping the street dogs of Corfu. They work closely with AAWF ensuring between us that both the dogs and cats get the help they need . Visit their website to see the work they do on the island.
Catwork is a small, private organisation with the aim of helping cats that others seem to shun.  Catwork was started from the premise that, 'being difficult to home' should never be a reason for ending a cat's life. Catwork is not able to take in all special needs cats but is able and willing to give help and advice. Many people have received advice from Catwork which has saved the life of their beloved cats. If you are being advised by your vet or any other organisation to put your HIV cat 'to sleep', please call Catwork - they can help you.
Tierhilfe Korfu, is an organisation based in Germany that helps to find homes for dogs. Uta Engelhardt the founder, does sterling and tireless work on behalf of Corfu's dogs and also supplies medicines for the donkeys. In 2005 they funded an entire transport of donkeys to new homes in Germany, Holland and the UK.
Boat hire from George and Alex in Agni Bay, Corfu. Agni boats offer a variety of different size boats for hire from small 30Hp to large 250Hp speed boats. You will find Alex and George on the beach at Toulas Jetty during the summer season where you can hire a boat or you can book your boats in advance from their website. www.agniboats.com
A website guide to Acharavi by an ex resident and bar owner. The author has extensive knowledge of the area and the website has recently been brought up to date. Very informative guide to this area, if thinking of visiting then do visit the site at www.acharaviguide.com
Deborah Lawrenson is an author, her latest book 'Songs of Blue and Gold' is set in Kalami, Corfu. As many of our supporters are big fans of Kalami, I am sure you would be interested in Deborah's book. The book can be ordered from her website www.deborah-lawrenson.co.uk
apollo dive center - have you ever wondered what its like to breathe underwater ?
If you want to find out,  why not try 'Discover Scuba Diving' with apollo dive center. They have two dive bases in Corfu, Barbati and Nissaki and offer this program in a safe confined water area.
They also offer certification courses through the PADI dive system and have dives for the already qualified and more experienced divers too.
As an experienced and fully qualified diver myself, I do recommend 'having a go' as it is fun and gives an opportunity to visit another world that few people ever see.
Brits in Crete, is an information site for the British living, and working, in Crete. Included is a section on animal welfare, including rescue organisations, links and advice on how to get pets into the UK.