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Registered Charity Number 1115983

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You can Sponsor your cat with the button below, fill in the details and enter the name of your chosen cat in the message box



- Please sponsor one of our cats -

We shall be adding some more cats for sponsor very soon.

Rainbow - this little girl was found as a kitten up a tree in Kalami. She was very tiny and crying for help. Chris had to climbb the tree to rescue her. He took her home where she was treated for worms and flea treated. She has joined a colony of neutered cats that Chris looks afer and now she is old enough she needs sterilising too. Can someone sponsor this beautiful little girl for her neutering.


Cali and Rusty - these two beautiful little cats live near the bins in Poulades. The cats at the bins there are fed daily and many have been neutered by a very kind lady who has paid for them herself. She has now come to us to ask for help. It is so important we neuter the cats that live at the bins and stop the unwanted kittens being born. Would someone sponsor these two beautiful cats to be sterilised and help us control the bin cat population.

Mr BlackandWhte - lives in Kendroma and comes for his dinner most days when we are in Corfu. He is cared for in the village by residents but needs to be sterilised in order to join the colony of cats already neutered in this village. Could someone sponsor our beautiful boy.

Kalami New Boy - this little boy was dumped in Kalami this winter and has joined the colony of neutered cats cared for at the beach house by its owners, AAWF, and Chris. Most of the cats in Kalami are now sterilised so all new comers need to be done in order to join the others. Can someone sponsor this lovely boy he is so tame and friendly.

Crystal - this little girl was found as a small kitten in Kendroma very sick. AAWF treated her for very bad diahorea, she was also full of worms and under weight. After about one months treatment she made an excellent recovery and now is a very beautiful cat and old enough to be neutered. Could someone sponser her to be sterilised.