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Sponsored Cat Gallery 2016

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Below are the cats that we have neutered during 2016 with their names, their sponsors and where they are living. Some of the cats may not always be where we found them, but they have been given access to food and medications and a better chance of survival by your support. Thank you to all their sponsors.

Keo - one of the Kalami cats at Helgas house. She has alot living there now and needs help with neutering. They are well cared for and fed by her and Chris but help is needed with neutering costs. Keo now has a sponsor thanks to Lisa King and has now been spayed.

Mummy Cat - this is Mummy cat living just around the corner from the harbour on the headland in Kassiopi. She is fed and cared for daily by Jan who walks around the harbour EVERY DAY come rain and shine to feed these cats. Mummy now has a sponsor and has now been spayed. Thanks to Joyce Stannard.

Daughter Cat - to the Mummy cat in the picture on the left. She lives with her Mum and a few other cats that live on the headland which are fed each day by Jan. You can imagine the welcome Jan gets each day when she arrives. This little girl now has a sponso so has now been sterilised along with her Mum. Many thanks to Joyce Stannard.

Devil Boy -
this naughty boy lives in Kassiopi along the road near Imerolia. We neutered him urgently as he was terrorising the local cats especially the ones that live with Roseanne. When captured he was the sweetest loving cat you could ever wish for in human company - he shocked and surprised us all. He is now sponsored by Lauren Dicker

Tokalosh -
living at Helgas house. He was found by walkers up in the hills as a tiny kitten with a bad wound to his tummy. We had him treated at the vets and he has now been neutered and is sponbsored by Lisa King a regular visitor to Kalami. thank you Lisa.

Sylvester -
another lovely friendly loving cat that lives at the bins high up in Spartylas. Sylvester also had some medical problems that we have helped him with. He is fed by Isabel near Spartylas every day and has now been sponsored by Alice and Cathryn Poynter.