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Welcome to Agni Animal Welfare Fund

Welcome to the website of the Agni Animal Welfare Fund. We are a UK registered charity operating in Corfu in order to help the street cats. We promote neutering and educate and encourage local people to help the many cats living on the streets. We began helping with the cats in 2005 and in 2006 we formed the charity inspired by a little cat that came to us for help. Today 12 years later, we are still helping and neutering as many cats as possible with the funds that we receive from our many supporters from many countries around the world. You can read about us in a little more detail on our 'about us' page and you can read about how you can help us on our 'how you can help' page. Read Little Cats Story on her page, it tells of what inspired us to try and help the Corfu cats and how things all began.

Since those early days, we have neutered many cats and kittens, helped many sick and injured ones, have sent many to new homes and provided food for many cats living on the streets. We have used our website to inform our supporters of the work we have done and we continue to run the site with information of who we are and what we do.

However, things have changed since 2006 and the majority of supporters like to use Facebook to keep up to date with us on a daily basis. We update the Facebook page constantly with work in progress, cats for adoption, appeals for help and for food and to generally keep in touch with the people who make our work possible.

Due to these changes, we have decided to reduce the updates on the webite as we have in the past. We feel we are repeating the updates that we do on a regular basis on our Facebook page, so if you would like to keep up to date with us please visit our website page - Agni Animal Welfare Fund. The link to our page is below:-




Some of the little furries that have passed our way


The AAWF is an affiliate memer of WSPA The World Society for the Protection of Animals.