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About Us


Who we are and why we began
We are a small charity trying to improve the life of animals on Corfu, Agni Animal Welfare Fund was set up in order that friends and visitors can make donations to help the islands stray animals. Our intention was to help as many animals as we could but we found more help was needed for the cats and as other charities were working with the dogs we continued to direct our attentions to the cats and kittens.

In 2005 we helped several cats with donations received from friends who visited Agni during the summer. The offers of help came after seeing the little cat that lived around Agni beach. With her distinctive and attractive looks many people noticed her. I spoke to one or two of her admirers and mentioned to several people that she had been spayed the previous winter, which was why she had no kittens and looked so well compared to the other female cats. Seeing the difference in this little cat compared to her sister and female colleagues inspired others to donate money in order for us to sterilise more female cats.

Our inspiration
It was this little cat (pictured on our pages in the top left hand corner) that inspired us to set up a registered charity in order to help many more stray cats in Corfu and promote neutering. Many visitors showed an interest in supporting this work and were willing to donate for us to go ahead with a neutering programme. The charity was started in January 2006 and the ‘Little Cat’ being our inspiration is the Mascot for our charity.

Our objectives
Our primary objectives are to neuter as many cats as our funds will allow, to help any sick cat and offer medication where necessary and provide food for street animals to help them survive the winter.

And where we are today
Our primary objective at the time was to neuter as many female cats as we could afford and reduce the number of kittens born in the summer. Since our first year we have received a great deal of support and are now neutering both males and females and as many as our funds allow us to.


A group of our neutered Cats

We now have people helping with our work in many areas of Corfu and many people are neutering and raising money themselves. We support as many of these people as we can and continue promoting neutering. We are encouraging others to follow our example to prevent the many sick and unwanted kittens being born each year on the island.

We provide food during the winter to the resorts that are deserted, where many cats found their way in the summer and were fed by tourists. These cats are left with no-one to feed them during the winter months. Many volunteers now feed these cats with our help and many people feed cats at the bins and in quiet tourist resorts.

We continue to promote and encourage neutering, to try and educate the local people to the advantages of it and offer help and support to them. Many of them are now coming to us for help to neuter their cats.